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.co.za R95  |  .com R195  |  .net R235  |  .org R225  |  .africa R595

Find your perfect domain

Secure your dream domain online from only R75/year

.africa – R595/year

.be – R205/year

.biz – R280/year

.blog – R560/year

.capetown – R195/year

.cloud – R255/year

.club – R255/year

.co – R640/year

.com – R195/year

.co.uk – R215/year

.co.za – R95/year

.de – R205/year

.domains – R645/year

.durban – R195/year

.email – R460/year

.host – R2170/year

.hosting – R715/year

.info – R280/year

.io – R1020/year

.joburg – R195/year

.me – R510/year

.mobi – R255/year

.net – R235/year

.net.za – R75/year

.nl – R205/year

.online – R665/year

.org – R225/year

.org.za – R75/year

.photography – R460/year

.site – R765/year

.tech – R1275/year

.tv – R895/year

.us – R255/year

.website – R640/year

.web.za – R75/year

.xyz – R255/year

Know More About domain registration?

  • A domain name is your address on the internet. A catchy domain name will help people find your website and remember your brand. A domain name is also a great way of branding your personalized email ac...

  • Registering a domain is the first step in establishing an online identity for you or your business. Having a good domain name allows you to create a customised website and have professional-looking em...

  • Domains are the way people find you online. As such, domain names are critically important for most professionals and businesses. Choosing the right domain name can easily make the difference between ...

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